CSPC: Metallica Popularity Analysis


Full Length related records Sales

Despite not putting a compilation on the stores, Metallica did release a string of live albums and, especially, music videos in various formats. This is another source of sales for their original studio material which we are going to look at.

Full Length Migration Part 1 – Three live albums

Full lenght 1

If you read carefully, you will notice how it works. S&M, for example, sold 1 million copies in its multiple formats and combinations released. All versions of its tracklisting achieved nearly 483 million streams on the Spotify platform, spread across 6 studio albums and a bunch of Orphan tracks. With each one receiving a share of its worldwide sales, we see the clear trend: Metallica comes on top, with also Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets adding quite a lot of sales too, thanks to its biggest tracks.

Same pattern applies to Live Shit and Through The Never.

8 thoughts on “CSPC: Metallica Popularity Analysis”

  1. Great work again MJD! Kinda shocked how low their physical single sales are, but their digital sales makes that up. Impressive total as well!

    I hope MJD, that you can analysis on artists that dominated the early 2000s and had big albums like Shakira (Laundry Service), Usher (Confessions), Alicia Keys (Songs In A Minor) or Christina Aguilera (Stripped). Looking forward for the next one.

  2. Great article! However the Australian estimate for Metallica is too low given it was certified 12 x Platinum in june 2015 (840,000) units

    1. Hey Innocent Eyes,

      Good to see you here! Thanks for noticing that. I totally forgot. It has already been corrected.

  3. I just want to thank you for the great research and analysis.

    Metallica’s one of my favorite bands and i’m delighted that the younger generations continue to discover the fantastic material they released from 1983-1991.

    The Black Album is right on Appetite for Destruction’s heels…only 500,000 behind and considering the catalog sales, it’s going to surpass it sooner rather than later.

    1. Btw, in the analysis of the …And Justice For All album (page 5), the sales estimate is 15,000,000 but on the other pages in the article (page 12 and page 23) it’s 15,500,000 which probably means that page 5 is a typo.

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