CSPC: Eminem Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2 – You Peak, You Fall


Supposedly, there is much less to remember from albums like Encore or Relapse than from the singer early albums. In fact, upon release they sold mostly thanks to Eminem popularity, failing to truly crossover.

Streaming figures fully rehabilitate those albums. First 8 Mile, it has only five Eminem songs including only one single, but what a single! Lose Yourself is just the biggest catalog hit of the digital era and that’s once again proved by those 229 million streams. Second, Encore benefits largely from Mockingbird cult appeal. In spite of an extensive track list of 23 songs, each of them is on 1,8 million or more. All in all its results are worth 592,000 album sales equivalent. Third, Relapse is even bigger. With the Refill edition containing 28 songs, all of them are on 3,4 million or more! This album alone owns 10 songs over 10 million, the overall total equals to 735,000 album sales.

Just a small comment about the tracks with very tiny figures like Paul. This is only because they are skits / interludes running for a few seconds only, thus Spotify do not count their streams as the play is registered only after 30 seconds, preventing them from adding streams. The few ones they have are likely from the very early years of the platform before this rule was implemented for charts purpose.

11 thoughts on “CSPC: Eminem Popularity Analysis”

  1. Great Work MJD, as always! I knew Eminem was huge, but not that big in terms of other formats. Eminem added an impressive 53,8m with other formats. That’s impressive!

    I imagine Michael Jackson’s total will be massive! Keep up the good work!

    By the way, MJD, can you do a CSPC analysis on Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Usher when you’re done with your current projects? Thanks

  2. Amazing sales! He is probably the biggest artist of this millenium, even bigger than Britney.

    Can you tell us the difference between Madonna’s and Celine’s albums sales? Is there a chance that Celine can outsell her someday (at least in albums sales, Celine is not a singles artist).

    1. Yes sales numbers from SoundScan reveal Eminem beat The Beatles in 00’s he wins ‘Artist of The Decade’ awards 2000-2009.

  3. The official numbers say Recovery has sold 10m but I guess Relapse has sold less than 4,4m
    I believe it’s 4,0-4,1m

  4. It seems you love Eminem because don’t stop to tell the fake sales of media have for his albums like Eminem Show with 28millions or Marshall with 32millions. It’s good to know he has sold quite less than many websites say.

  5. What are Eminem’s at least top 20 best selling singles list?

    I love Eminem a lot, my favorite rapper and is definitely…


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