CSPC: Eminem Popularity Analysis

Eminem - Loose Yourself

Physical Singles Sales

It would be easy to forget about those good ol’ physical single sales for Eminem. As an active and still hyped act, this format importance has been largely deflated due to the millions and millions copies sold in digital downloads.

The superstar was big in 1999-2004 years yet, a period during which physicals were truly dying in the US but still fairly relevant in Europe and Oceania. Indeed, Eminem sold a whopping 17,7 million physical singles. This total is mostly made of a quartet of big early hits – The Real Slim Shady, Stan, Without Me and Lose Yourself – each of them being over the 2 million plateau.

In terms of album sales equivalent, this represents over 5 million units, as much as 50 million digital downloads. Do you see how big the Eminem jigsaw is becoming as we advance on this article? Hold on, there is still plenty of sales to study!

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

The Slim Shady LP (1999) – 270,000 equivalent albums

My Name Is – 600,000
Guilty Conscience – 300,000

The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) – 1,545,000 equivalent albums

The Real Slim Shady – 2,100,000
The Way I Am – 250,000
Stan – 2,600,000
I’m Back – 200,000

The Eminem Show (2002) – 1,200,000 equivalent albums

Without Me – 2,400,000
Cleanin’ Out My Closet – 700,000
Superman – 100,000
Sing For The Moment – 500,000
Business – 300,000

8 Mile (2002) – 780,000 equivalent albums

Lose Yourself – 2,600,000

Encore (2004) – 465,000 equivalent albums

Just Lose It – 650,000
Like Toy Soldiers – 400,000
Mockingbird – 300,000
Ass Like That – 200,000

Relapse (2009) – 30,000 equivalent albums

Crack A Bottle – 50,000
We Made You – 50,000

Recovery (2010) – 75,000 equivalent albums

Not Afraid – 50,000
Love The Way You Lie – 200,000

Orphan Album – 1,026,000 equivalent albums

Forgot About Dre – 400,000
– 30,000
Purple Pills
 – 600,000
Shit On You
 – 100,000
One Day At A Time (Em’s Version)
– 20,000
My Band
 – 750,000
How Come 
– 150,000
When I’m Gone – 350,000
Smack That – 500,000
You Don’t Know – 20,000
Additional Singles – 300,000

11 thoughts on “CSPC: Eminem Popularity Analysis”

  1. Great Work MJD, as always! I knew Eminem was huge, but not that big in terms of other formats. Eminem added an impressive 53,8m with other formats. That’s impressive!

    I imagine Michael Jackson’s total will be massive! Keep up the good work!

    By the way, MJD, can you do a CSPC analysis on Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Usher when you’re done with your current projects? Thanks

  2. Amazing sales! He is probably the biggest artist of this millenium, even bigger than Britney.

    Can you tell us the difference between Madonna’s and Celine’s albums sales? Is there a chance that Celine can outsell her someday (at least in albums sales, Celine is not a singles artist).

    1. Yes sales numbers from SoundScan reveal Eminem beat The Beatles in 00’s he wins ‘Artist of The Decade’ awards 2000-2009.

  3. The official numbers say Recovery has sold 10m but I guess Relapse has sold less than 4,4m
    I believe it’s 4,0-4,1m

  4. It seems you love Eminem because don’t stop to tell the fake sales of media have for his albums like Eminem Show with 28millions or Marshall with 32millions. It’s good to know he has sold quite less than many websites say.

  5. What are Eminem’s at least top 20 best selling singles list?

    I love Eminem a lot, my favorite rapper and is definitely…


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