France Album Sales: Mariah Carey

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Emotions (1991) Era

After such a huge career start, a quickly released sophomore effort was to be expected. Its title was Emotions, released in August 1991.

In North America, this record sold about half of its predecessor. Not bad at such high waters, this is still often worrying for the future when a second album sells much less than the first one. In Europe yet there wasn’t that much of a sales drop between those two albums, in UK it was even the other way around.

France wasn’t the best market for this release obviously as it hasn’t chart nor have its singles. Still, the low sales of Mariah Carey along with the bit of promotion close to Christmas for Emotions was enough for the latter to sell about the same than the former.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Emotions – 10,815,000
  2. Can’t Let Go – 2,564,000
  3. Make It Happen – 1,782,000

7 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Mariah Carey”

    1. Not to mention her France total is higher than her German total, which is amazing, considering that Germany is a stronger music market than France Mariah’s sales in Germany are at around 4 million, so almost 1 million less than France.

      I believe Mariah’s top music markets (sales wise) are:
      1. USA (70m+)
      2. Japan (~20m)
      3. UK (7,5m+)
      4. Canada/South Korea/France (4,8-5m)

      Also, Is it true Mariah is one of the top 5 american artists in France, and just 2nd to Madonna? If true, then WOW!

  1. Great work!Now, among the historical Divas big five only Barbra Streisand are missing. I can’t wait to read your fixing this concern by studying the career of Barbra! It’s must be a big project。

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