France Album Sales: Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey (1990) Era

Barely on her twenties, Mariah Carey came into the spotlight in June 1990 with her self-titled debut album. Not many artists can celebrate a #1, 9 million selling debut album in the US, not many either sold well other half a million in Japan, nor can many claim a Top 10 album in the UK, New-Zealand, Australia, Netherlands and many more.

Yet, this incredibly successful debut failed to chart in France. Continuing to solidify its reputation of atypical market, this country hardly reacted to the arrival of this new diva. The main single of this LP Vision Of Love still was a moderate hit, peaking at #25 during Christmas week and lasting a good 14 weeks inside the Top 50 charts. Next song Someday appeared inside the ranking as well a few months later, peaking at a more modest #38.

Although Mariah Carey never managed to get into the Top 50, more than six months of promotion brought in an estimated 30,000 sales to the album.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Vision Of Love – 8,422,000
  2. Love Takes Time – 5,622,000
  3. Someday – 3,682,000

7 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Mariah Carey”

    1. Not to mention her France total is higher than her German total, which is amazing, considering that Germany is a stronger music market than France Mariah’s sales in Germany are at around 4 million, so almost 1 million less than France.

      I believe Mariah’s top music markets (sales wise) are:
      1. USA (70m+)
      2. Japan (~20m)
      3. UK (7,5m+)
      4. Canada/South Korea/France (4,8-5m)

      Also, Is it true Mariah is one of the top 5 american artists in France, and just 2nd to Madonna? If true, then WOW!

  1. Great work!Now, among the historical Divas big five only Barbra Streisand are missing. I can’t wait to read your fixing this concern by studying the career of Barbra! It’s must be a big project。

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