CSPC: Nirvana Popularity Analysis


Digital Singles Sales

With an estimated 23 million singles downloaded, Nirvana performs very well in the digital world considering how few singles they dropped. Some 13 million of those have been achieved by songs from Nevermind, a tremendous result.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Bleach (1989) – 240,000 equivalent albums

About A Girl – 800,000
Remaining tracks – 1,600,000

Nevermind (1991) – 1,330,000 equivalent albums

Smells Like Teen Spirit – 5,800,000
Come As You Are – 2,000,000
Lithium – 1,300,000
In Bloom – 700,000
Remaining tracks – 3,500,000

In Utero (1993) – 510,000 equivalent albums

Heart-Shaped Box– 1,200,000
All Apologies – 500,000
Rape Me – 700,000
Remaining tracks – 2,700,000

Orphan Album – 250,000 equivalent albums

Sliver – 150,000
The Man Who Sold The World – 700,000
Lake Of Fire – 400,000
Where Did You Sleep Last Night – 400,000
Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam – 150,000
Plateau – 150,000
Oh Me – 150,000
You Know You’re Right – 200,000
Remaining tracks – 200,000

3 thoughts on “CSPC: Nirvana Popularity Analysis”

  1. thanks a lot. Nirvana is my favorite rock band all time. of course they are not the best technical rock band but, No rock band or artists did the same things as they did. their musics remain the same.

  2. They are the real cultures of Youth. Nirvana is not typical rock band. I think a lot of people today still miss the band. they are loved by generation.

  3. Hello Guillaume Vieira, I have a question. like Nirvana and other popular musicians worldwide, how can you check the sales data? is it easier to track sales data in these day?

    I think there are not so much press factory like old days. because in these day I bought Nevermind because it was pressed in the U.S.A(FBI logo) but there are some sticker in front of cover(made in Germany).

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