CSPC: Adele Popularity Analysis


Digital Singles Sales

With a gigantic total of 75 million singles downloaded, Adele numbers in the digital singles world are just as good as in the album sales area. Both songs from 19 and 25 generated solid figures, but digital singles for Adele is really all about 21. In fact, with all-time US digital sales peak being achieved in 2011, just when 21 was issued, plus the huge success of all its singles built a tally close to the unreal total of 48 million.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

19 (2008) – 1,395,000 equivalent albums

Chasing Pavements – 3,100,000
Cold Shoulder – 400,000
Hometown Glory – 1,200,000
Make You Feel My Love – 2,900,000
Remaining tracks – 1,700,000

21 (2011) – 7,185,000 equivalent albums

Rolling In The Deep – 17,700,000
Someone Like You – 13,600,000
Set Fire To The Rain – 8,600,000
Rumour Has It – 3,800,000
Turning Tables – 1,800,000
Remaining tracks – 2,400,000

25 (2015) – 1,875,000 equivalent albums

Hello – 9,100,000
When We Were Young – 1,400,000
Send My Love – 1,000,000
Remaining tracks – 1,000,000

Orphan Album – 840,000 equivalent albums

Skyfall – 5,600,000

10 thoughts on “CSPC: Adele Popularity Analysis”

  1. Hi MJD!
    Very impressive sales and success, despite only 3 albums.
    How increase the numbers after the promo period? Could “21” reach the threshold of 50 million albums sales equivalents as did “Nevermind”?
    PS: a little mistake with the albums European sales, they are not consistent with the values per country.

    1. Hello Tony!

      Thanks for the typo in European sales, it is now fixed. As for your question, the promo period is over for 21 but not for Adele. Although greatest hits-type albums have been losing ground, if she releases a fourth album and then a compilation the tally of 21 will strongly increase. In the same way, each live and / or DVD release will add sales into 21 total as they will most likely features its hits. Of course, ongoing sales of already issued products keep on increasing the total as everything considered the album added over 2 million from its 2015 results only. Nevermind is up to 50+ million some 25 years after release, my expectation is that 21 will be there in less than 15.

  2. Hi MJD! I want to point out that you made a mistake with 19 album sales number. On your breakdown, you have it at 8,4m. But on the last page and on page 5, you have it at 8,3m. Which one is correct?

  3. Hi MJD! I was wondering if you know how much 25 and 21 have moved over the past 8 months (pure sales and CSPC), as they keep on selling considerably well!

  4. Hi do you think you could update on adele? She has been pulling decent sales and streams

    Be nice to have an update if you have time

  5. I think her sales are very2 impressive for the current market condition, is simply because she is an adult contemporary singer. We haven’t had a great adult contemporary singer since Celine Dion and that was a long2 time ago when she was at her peak. Her singing adult contemporary songs is good for album sales because people who listen to this genre are usually old people and old people have the purchasing power to buy original album, plus older people have more nostalgia and they are more likely to buy a physical album sales compared to just streaming her songs through the internet.

    1. Hi Test!

      All markets are accounted for. The figure you point out includes streaming units while sales figure from the digital sales category focus on pure digital sales.

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