Six months… and just getting started!

Day 226 - Gone Fishing

the content – future

Yes, let’s talk a bit about what’s coming! And no, I won’t go fishing 🙂

To start with, I’ll continue posting articles related to both France best selling artists as well as CSPC Analysis, this latter category has a specific place to me as it is the definitive interpretation of everything else I may post.

Articles won’t be related to those two categories only yet. The France Album Sales category will have several brothers soon with similar works posted about other countries including the UK or Japan. As I want content I post to be worth it for viewers giving me some of their time, I won’t be posting articles of already well-known figures but instead focus on poorly covered / often wrong artists sales results.

I know many of you are looking mostly for raw data, strict figures for some albums / artists in some areas. Many years of experience told me how much this raw data may be misleading so I’ll go deeper into the Understanding category. Not only that, new sections aimed to explain the real life meaning of artists results will be created as well. This includes views to truly understand if an album has been a flop or a success, and how much, rather than only a bad or good seller, which is related but definitely not the same thing. Judging if Adele stands along Michael Jackson or along Celine Dion for example will be answered. This will also include a whole bunch of articles highlighting fully valid sales that are purely fake. Those are sales that indeed happened but for reasons nowhere near what we may expect. Have I ever mentioned we better forget completely Christmas album sales for all artists? Soon you will know why.

For sure, every industry major event will also be commented with related articles.

It must be no surprise to you that compiling all information and writing all articles takes me an awful lot of time. I have been already getting help in fixing errors by Mortiwer, for the next months I would be pleased to see one of you joining editors team to draft articles or to publish some by his own in order to keep an acceptable posting frequency. Anyone interested, just contact me!

I’ll have to conclude this thankful moment now – there is a few more articles to write 😉


5 thoughts on “ Six months… and just getting started!”

  1. I have beeing waited articles about Barbra from the start, and learnt something about my other favorite artists, thank you for the wonderful website!

    1. Hi John!

      Hehe Barbra would be a great addition but she is also an incredible hard artist to work on! I definitely need to add her to France Album Sales series still!

      Thanks to you for reading 🙂

  2. Six months! This has been a wonderful guide to understand the music business so far. And I’m sure much better things are to come. I’m proud to have been probably one of the very first visitors. Keep it coming!

    1. In the list of cities visiting the most the website, right after Paris comes Ramos Mejia, Argentina, and I take it that you have some responsability there 😉

      Thanks for all the support and the sharing!!

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