France Album Sales: Bob Marley

Confrontation (1983) Era

A couple of years after Bob Marley death, Island released a new album from various unreleased material, completing the Survival / Uprising / Confrontation trilogy the artist aimed to do while alive.

As it is often the case with such post-death cash-ins, the album was largely criticized as tracks were arranged by the label producers, rather than Bob Marley himself, without his validation for obvious reasons. This frustration created on fans hasn’t stop one of the album tracks to become a massive hit as Buffalo Soldier remains one of his most remembered songs.

In France, the album peaked at #6 in June Monthly Chart, it gained Gold status in 1984 only but sold 140,000 units in 1983 alone.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Buffalo Soldier – 60,667,000
  2. Rastaman Live Up – 1,153,000
  3. Chant Down Babylon – 873,000

One thought on “France Album Sales: Bob Marley”

  1. Thank you, Guillaume. Very interesting.

    I guess it must have taken a lot of time in this particular case due to the size of his catalogue. The result totally exceeds my expectations, 10 million, wow!

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