France Album Sales: Sade

Tonight inspo vibe. You can love or hate her style of music but you certainly can not deny the beauty and power that is Sade.This drawing wasn't done that long ago but every time I run across it have listen. Whats your favorite Sade track? #inspo #inspire


Studio Albums

1984 Diamond Life – 945,000
1985 Promise – 880,000
1988 Stronger Than Pride – 660,000
1992 Love Deluxe – 490,000
2000 Lovers Rock  – 360,000
2010 Soldier Of Love – 200,000

Live Albums

2002 Lovers Live – 45,000

Compilation Albums

1994 The Best Of – 635,000
2011 The Ultimate Collection – 40,000

Sade sold a total of 4,255,000 albums in France.

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Sources: SNEP, IFOP, GFK, Spotify.

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