France Album Sales: Muse

14th September 2009


Studio Albums

1999 Showbiz – 345,000
2001 Origin of Symmetry– 380,000
2003 Absolution  – 500,000
2006 Black Holes & Revelations – 490,000
2009 The Resistance– 845,000
2012 The 2nd Law  – 480,000
2015 Drones – 220,000

Live Albums

2002 Hullabaloo – 150,000
2008 HAARP – 140,000
2013 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium – 125,000

Muse sold a total of 3,675,000 albums in France.

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Sources: SNEP, IFOP, GFK.

One thought on “France Album Sales: Muse”

  1. Hello!
    Great and very interesting article! But you don’t say that a copy of the album Drones is offered with a concert ticket. If you already have your copy of the album you can give your code to get an album to whoever you want or offer it, that means that a lot of people don’t (or didn’t) have to buy it. You can get as many albums as concert tickets. The sales would be certainly higher otherwise. I personally recently gave one of my codes to a friend who wanted to buy it.
    Anyway the Drones World Tour is very (very!) successful. The six shows in Paris were all sold out. The band deserve it. They are amazingly talented!

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