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Survivor (2001) Era

While the previous album was still quite alive, the Destiny’s Child issued their third album in April 2001, Survivor. Obviously, the newly gained fan base sent the record much higher as it peaked on its second week at #4, backed by strong lead single of the same name which peaked at #12. Independent Women 2000 hit was also featured in the tracklist.

Sophomore single Bootylicious was a nice urban hit as well, reaching #14 with 20 weeks on charts. The album retained a Top 50 placing during five consecutive months, sticking around much higher than the previous set. It was the 44th top seller of 2001 on 220,000 sales.

In 2002 the album failed to get as much legs as its predecessor, dropping charts in January. New single Emotion, which peaked in March at #61 only was unable to send the album back inside the rankings.

In the meantime, 8 Days Of Christmas was released for 2001 fall. As French public has never been much familiar with this kind of albums, the set only attracted 15,000 buyers over the holyday season, peaking at a mere #134. This is pretty much the same number of sales managed by March 2002 remix album This Is The Remix, which peaked at #54 on a much softer period.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Survivor – 37,281,000
  2. Bootylicious – 27,270,000
  3. Independent Women Part I – 20,468,000

6 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Beyonce”

  1. She is too big to be compared with GWEN STEFANI ??? LOL

    Beyoncé funny but remains simply a gay icon, Gwen Stefani is it inovatrice in the field of music as in fashion, you can not compare what is not comparable

    1. Maybe shes too big to be compared to Gwen Stefanie. However, her sales worldwide (Out of the US, UK, Canada) isnt that impressive either. Selling less than 200k in a big market such as France is nothing impressive. Her sales in Germany is dreadful as well. Her sales in Japan is just OK, but definitely not one of the biggest star there. So for you to compare her with Gwen Stefanie out of the blue is really weird. The fact you choose Gwen Stefanie, a singer who is not really that well known worldwide, is kinda funny. Why not compare her career with other big female stars? She would like an amateur compared to them.

    1. Hi BeyStan!

      Ironically, the most important chart position of IASF run in France is likely the #179 position on January 29 2011. While this week seems completely random, it was the chart that saw downloads being first included into official rankings in France. The fact the album, although being 26 months old, re-entered on that week is very telling of it selling more than its entire 2008-2010 run suggest.

      Its yearly sales of 32,000 and 49,000 units in 2008 and 2009 are thus pure physical sales. It sold an estimated 5,500 downloads in 2008 and a confirmed 4,500 in 2009. That’s a total of 91,000 units. In 2010, it added 27,000 more units, climbing to 118,000.

      During years 2011-2012 the album kept re-entering regularly, averaging close to 200 units per week, which are 20,000 units over the curse of two years.

      While not charting anymore, the album still selling a few thousands per year since 2013 to date, which adds up to 150,000 units to date.

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