France best selling albums ever:
Greatest Hits II by Queen (1991)

With first compilation from Queen, 1981 Greatest Hits, being one of the biggest albums ever, the release of Greatest Hits II a decade later was obviously highly anticipated. The ultimate passing of lead singer Freddy Mercury only one month after this release pushed the hype even higher.

Starting strong already in 1991, the album had its best year in 1992. Constantly sitting high in the compilation chart, the album reached Platinum, 2xPlatinum and then Diamond status within’ a year. In fact, the album lasted a record 30 consecutive weeks inside the Top 5 and never left the Top 10 during the entire year. Actually, it left the Top 10 only in April 1993.

Nowadays, it doesn’t mean that much, as the competition in the Compilation Chart is weak. The year 1992 was the all-time peak for such packages yet. On some weeks, data glitches by the SNEP enabled us to see how massive compilations were at the time as one or all of them got mixed with studio albums. There was also a top Multitop Nuggets aired on M6 TV channel that merged all albums. At the time, it wasn’t rare to see the Top 20 album chart containing more greatest hits type albums than studio records. Although those charts are not easily available and not official, it seems a given that Greatest Hits II was one of the Top 20 best sellers every week during 1992 year. By the end of 1993, as per VSD, the album had sold already over 1,2 million copies.

Years 1994-1995 were oriented around the packaged box Greatest Hits I & II. As it had a specific naming, cover and promotion, this release is excluded from the stand alone album sales. This box explains why the 1991 set never charted after dropping out in 1993. The later (in 2000) release of The Platinum Collection, that included all three Greatest Hits albums released by the band, decreased even more the profile of Greatest Hits II. It was still selling off the radar yet, increasing its tally to 1,4 million by 2004. Available retail sales of GFK from 2003 to 2008 highlight 41,000 sales for this album, slightly less than 7,000 copies a year.

Close to 1,45 million by 2010, a remastered edition came out in early 2011. While this release wasn’t utterly hyped, it brought the interest back to the original record. From 2011 to 2014, the album charted at least five weeks in the comprehensive chart each year. In the last five years, average yearly sales are up to almost 15,000 units.

Net shipment as of the end of 2015 is estimated at 1,520,000 copies.

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Sources: SNEP, Nielsen, IFOP, GFK, VSD, L’Identité du Rock.

2 thoughts on “France best selling albums ever:
Greatest Hits II by Queen (1991)”

  1. Very interesting! Thank you very much. Out of curiosity, how much would it have sold if Greatest Hits I & II and Platinum Collection had been added? I’m assuming around 2 million in total, right?

    I would like to know -and I know I get off topic with this question- how much have the first Greatest Hits and Platinum Collection sold since reissued in 2011. I’m almost sure they can’t be far behind 15,000 units a year, just like Greatest Hits II. Is that correct?

    1. Hi Hernán, you are most welcome!

      Yes, Platinum Collection sold an estimated 30k in 2000-2001, 60k in 2002, 264k (GFK) in 2003-2008, close to 0 in 2008-mid2011 (deleted due to Absolute Greatest) and about 70,000 units since 2011, a total of 415,000 units. Greatest Hits I & II sold close to 200,000 units, so overall the album is over 2,1 million, close to Michael Jackson‘s Dangerous (although this one sold also over 100k as par of The Collection).

      You are also correct on your second point about all 3 compilations selling around 15,000 per year in France. This may seem surprising considering it peaked lower and charted less weeks, but I give a slight edge to The Platinum Collection that is more giftable, thus charting usually on much bigger weeks than stand-alone records that people by mostly for themselves.

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