Music Industry, an infinite Journey:
Part II – The Present

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279/365: Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

While following article can be read as a standalone article, I’ll suggest anyone aiming to get a real understanding of the music industry to start by reading Music Industry, an infinite Journey: The Past – if that isn’t already done obviously!

The Past part can be regarded as the physical records era, this new The Present chapter, focuses on digital world. Time to move on to the next page!

One thought on “Music Industry, an infinite Journey:
Part II – The Present”

  1. This is a fascinating collection of essays, I want more to come.

    The most interesting thing is what it shows about our current world. When it comes to music (and any other thing), the “hardware” part has never really been that important. And it is all the more clear now that we are approaching an era where the physical format will be insignificant. It is all about the knowledge.

    Many societies work around that, but I know many countries, including mine, where most people associate progress with the manufacturing sector, whilst it is actually the services (knowledge-intensive) sector that brings progress. Well, not sure if I’m making any sense out of this. Very intriguing.

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