Music Industry, an infinite Journey:
Part I – The Past

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Hello everyone! Time has come to initiate a second Master Series – although France Best Selling Albums one will keep going just as strong! This fresh new series is titled Music Industry, an infinite Journey – Bye Bye Sales, Hello Subscription. Let me show you the good direction!


I wrote and published in French part of this study in early 2014. At that time, all relevant charts (US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada etc.) wasn’t taking into account Streaming into their rankings, which was just plain wrong. The idea of the article was to highlight the deep meaning of the music industry to understand how ignoring streaming was a complete nonsense. Ironically, in the months following those articles most charts changed their rules to consider a calculation involving streams rather than only sales.

A couple of years later the picture of the music industry for the future is pretty unclear as many questions are still floating all around:

  • is streaming as legitimate as a sale?
  • What will happen with physical format?
  • And downloads?
  • How do current figures compare with past eras figures?
  • Will artists keep releasing albums or standalone songs?
  • What about compilations?
  • Will some types of music benefit or be penalized by upcoming evolutions?
  • What does music industry ultimately mean with all those changes?
  • How will be its jigsaw by 2020?

In our way of understanding the future, we will start by looking at the past – from way back in the century XIX. Sounds boring? Stop it! Not only you will be getting all answers of previous questions, what will happen in upcoming years but you will also be able to know and argue about the past!

In the historical references, some parts will be highlighted in green color. Please focus on them as they are past happenings that explain the meaning of current context. To easily find out all articles related to this new Master Series be aware you can filter on it – Music Industry, an infinite Journey – from the Categories menu. To make sure you won’t miss newly published articles, you can also follow us on our account on Twitter #chartmastersorg. Also, please share your questions, I’ll be answering them as well, as well as your comments. Let’s go!

3 thoughts on “Music Industry, an infinite Journey:
Part I – The Past”

  1. When someone is referred to as an actor, it usually means that they aren’t very successful. Hollywood has a different name for those who are. They call them stars; movie stars, TV stars, Broadway stars.

    They make their big budget studio pictures and often use the money to finance their art-house vanity projects that hardly anyone will ever see. No one complains when they return to formula, so long as their movies are entertaining.

    You talk about the distinction between the singer and the artist. If every musician is an artist, the term has zero meaning. Writing (or co-writing) his own songs doesn’t put Kevin Federline on the same artistic plane as Bob Dylan.

    I’m still reading and sometimes re-reading your oldest posts as I’m relatively new to your site. With your focus on sales, I’d like to see what you folks think constitues the difference between the artist and the star. Or between the star and the superstar. Maybe you’ve already addressed it and I haven’t gotten there yet.

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